At CHS South, we have three school rules which every student follows: 

1. Be ready 

2. Be respectful 

3. Be safe 

These clear and simple rules reflect our expectations of how our students conduct themselves throughout the school day and in the local community. 

We expect all of our students to: 

• Help and respect everyone in the school and treat others as we would wish to be treated 

• Wear full school uniform at all times 

• Walk along corridors sensibly keeping to the left hand side 

• Report any incidents of bullying 

• Take personal responsibility for actions and conduct 

• Attend all lessons and arrive on time 

• Have all the required books and equipment 

• Listen silently when others are speaking 

• Refrain from chewing, eating or drinking in classrooms 

• Have a strong work ethic and work hard 

• Respect and look after all school and personal property 

• Keep mobile phones out of site and switched off at all times during the school day 

• Put litter in the bins provided 

• Leave valuable items at home 

• Behave in a way that will make people glad that CHS South is part of their community both in term times and school holidays

• Understanding rewards and consequences at CHS South


Behavior is excellent at CHS South, standards are high and outstanding conduct is rewarded. However when students do not show the conduct that is expected we use a consequence system (The C system). 

Rewards and consequences can escalate as follows:

The CHS South Rewards & Consequence System 

Be Ready.  Be Respectful.  Be Safe.

Ready = Uniform, Punctuality, Equipment.  Respectful & Safe = Conduct





R1 – All Staff

  • Ready, Respectful & Safe Point
  • Homework Completed Point

C1 – All Staff

  • Warning

R2 – All Staff

  • Praise Postcard
  • Praise Phone Call

C2 – All Staff 

  • Final warning

R3 – All Staff

  • Class Champion


C3 – All Staff 

  • 10 Minute C3 Same Day Detention
  • Phone confiscation

R4 – Curriculum Leader or Head 

of Year

  • Curriculum Leader or Head of Year Commendation 
  • Curriculum or Pastoral Champion
  • Future Foundation Badges 

C4 – Curriculum Leader or Head 

of Year 

  • 30 Minute Same Day Punctuality Detention 
  • 30 Minute Same Day C4 Detention
  • C4 SIMS Report

R5 – Senior Member of Staff 

  • Senior Leader Commendation
  • Quality Champion

C5 – Senior Member of Staff 

  • 60 Minute C5 Detention
  • C5 SIMS Report

R6 -Headteacher

  • Headteacher Commendation
  • School Champion

C6 - Headteacher 

  • C6 SIMS report
  • C6 ER Internal Exclusion
  • External Exclusion


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