All students are expected to undertake Home Learning activities to supplement their work at school. In Year 7 they will receive tasks to complete as follows:

  • English and Maths: weekly
  • Science: 3 times a half term
  • All other subjects: Minimum once a half term 

The majority of tasks are issued via ‘Doddle’, our online teaching and learning resource for students at CHS South that works as our online homework system. Doddle allows students to access and complete their homework online and it has a bank of learning and revision materials that students can access at any time. 

Doddle can be accessed at and student usernames are set up as follows:

Username: firstnamesurnameyearstarted

•Year 7 example (joebloggs18)

Students are given their passwords when they start at CHS South. Students can change their password when they first log in. If a student forgets their password all members of staff are able to access or re-set passwords.

Students are also given access to online learning activities for English via ‘Bedrock’ and Maths via ‘Mathswatch’.  If you have any questions about either of these platforms and how to access them, please contact your child’s English or Maths teacher as appropriate.

Computer access is available every night after school. There are staff available to support students with their learning and it also provides the opportunity for students to work collaboratively and develop positive learning habits.

Doddle Parent

Doddle Parent is your own account that gives you direct access to your child’s Home Learning tasks. You can see the tasks that are due now, any that are overdue and also the marks that they have achieved on any quizzes completed. You will be sent a unique ‘parent key’ that you will need to use once when setting up your account. If you need a reminder about your parent key please contact the school.

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