Is your child eligible for a free school meal?

Please see information below that will help determine if your child is eligible for a free school meal.  
If your child qualifies and their school is in Manchester, you can apply using the free meals portal:

You'll need to contact the school yourself if it isn't listed.

The school will be notified when an application for a free school meal has been made and we will be able to provide free school meals for a short period whilst the claim is being assessed.  If the claim is approved then the child will receive free school meals on an ongoing basis whilst the parent(s) remain eligible.
Which children qualify for them?
•    Your child must live with you and be your responsibility
•    You can also claim free school meals if you are an asylum seeker.
Your child may qualify if you have any of these incomes: 
•    Income Support
•    Income- based Jobseekers Allowance 
•    Income related Employment and Support Allowance
•    The guaranteed part of Pension Credit
•    Child Tax Credit (as long as your annual gross income is £16,190 or less and you don’t get Working Tax Credit) 
•    Working Tax Credit run – off after you come off Working Tax Credit
•    Universal Credit that you applied for on, or after, 1 April 2018. As long as your household income is less than £7,400 a year after tax, not including any benefits

To find out more information, please contact:
The Benefits Service
PO Box 3
Manchester M15 5BA
Telephone: 0161 234 5003

Email: [email protected]

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