Key Staff

David Prophet


Over the past seventeen years I have chosen to work across a number of diverse schools in the region and as such I have developed an unswerving commitment to ensure outstanding opportunities for young people in our community to identify and achieve their potential. I joined Chorlton High School in 2004 and it has been my privilege over the past fourteen years to play a leading role in moving the school to its current position as a successful, valued, over-subscribed community school providing an education that allows young people to become creative, happy and successful. I began my career in 1999 as a teacher of Drama and rapidly moved on to become Head of the very successful Drama department at Chorlton High School in 2004. Shortly after, I progressed to lead our Specialist Arts provision as Director of Arts college, working to shape the creative provision of Chorlton High School both in school and in our wider community. I joined the Chorlton High School Senior Leadership Team in 2008 as an Assistant Headteacher, progressing to Deputy Headteacher in 2010. Throughout my time as Chorlton High School I have been fortunate enough to be provided with the opportunity to lead the development of all Year Groups at Chorlton High School from Years 7 – 11 and I also have experience of successfully line managing the vast majority of Curriculum Areas, most recently Maths and English. I am immensely proud to be entrusted with the role of Headteacher at CHS South. To be able to extend the fantastic provision on offer at Chorlton High School to more young people in our community is one I embrace whole-heartedly. I believe that CHS South will allow more young people in our community to access an education that not only allows them to achieve academic excellence, but also acquire the creative skills necessary to successfully apply their abilities and navigate their way in an ever changing landscape. My role in shaping the journey Chorlton High School has travelled provides me not only with a unique insight as to how to successfully lead CHS South in the role of Headteacher, but also with a resolute belief in the shared ethos and values that will form the bedrock of our future success.

Sue Burke

Deputy Headteacher

I have been teaching for 17 years. I began my career as a trainee student at Oakwood High School, Chorlton and knew instantly that that was the school for me! I worked as a Drama teacher and Head of Drama at Wellacre Technology College in Trafford for seven happy years but seized the opportunity to return to the newly named Chorlton High School in 2007 as Head of Drama. The department continued its journey to become the highly acclaimed department it is today, consistently securing outstanding GCSE results, obtaining national awards of recognition and providing incredible opportunities for the young people of Chorlton High School. In 2011 I was promoted to Assistant Headteacher with the responsibility of overseeing the Arts Provision in a Specialist Arts College in both the academic and enrichment curriculum as well as the feeder primaries and the wider community. In this Senior Leadership role, I have been in the very fortunate position to have worked with feeder Primary Schools, overseen transition into Year seven and worked with all 5 year groups across the school. I currently have oversight of Year 11 and have responsibility for securing their outcomes and for their successful transition to high quality further education. This has given me a wealth of pastoral experience and strategic leadership responsibilities for academic attainment and personal development and welfare. I am a highly committed member of Chorlton High School staff who is extremely proud of Chorlton High School and it’s incredible students. As a passionate Mancunian and a member of the very local community I am privileged to be part of the exciting opportunity to start a brand new school and to give the young people of South Manchester the best educational opportunities.

Laura Galbraith

Deputy Headteacher

Since attending a mixed, comprehensive, diverse school myself in Preston I have always been passionate about working with young people and supporting them to achieve the best start in life. I started my Career at Chorlton High School 11 years ago and soon became passionate about Teaching and Learning and creating exciting classrooms and learning experiences. I worked within the Teaching and Learning team for a few years before joining the Maths Leadership team. I thoroughly enjoy teaching Maths and helping all students to discover the importance of maths in the real world. For a number of years, I have taught Year 11 classes and have experienced great joy in working with them to gain this very important GCSE Qualification. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team at Chorlton High School I worked to ensure that all students were challenged, supported and developing effective learning habits at all stages throughout their school journey. I also had the pleasure of line managing Computing and Technology, Music and Maths and championing Digital Safety across the school. I was responsible for ensuring that the most able students were challenged in every lesson and set up a High Achievers Programme. Students at Chorlton achieved excellent results in the Summer examinations including students that gained a string of Grade 9s and we continue to strive to stretch all students to achieve the very best academically across the Trust. I am now extremely excited to be a part of the unique opportunity to build and nurture a new school and to work with the vibrant and dynamic family here at CHS South. We all strive to provide the best for our students and to give them with the highest quality education and future opportunities.

Ian Jameson

Assistant Headteacher

I am delighted that I have been chosen to be the first Head of Year of CHS South! I am currently Head of Year 11 at Chorlton High where I have taught since 1999 (when it was called Oakwood High). I have been enormously proud to lead four different year groups during their time at Chorlton High. From induction day, to the leavers’ assembly, we aim that the life of a CHS pupil is jam packed with Success, Creativity and Happiness. I am thrilled to be joining the team at CHS South, to offer even more young Mancunians a CHS education! My nineteen years at Chorlton High have flown by! I have been busy teaching History, Geography, RE and PSHE. I have also been Head of History, but my real vocation has been the role of Head of Year. As Head of Year, I am responsible for driving the attainment and promoting the wellbeing of a whole year group. I do this by enthusing about our CHS Qualities of Success and powerful ideas like Growth Mindset and Purposeful Practice. I aim to build a vibrant sense of community and team spirit, so that achievement is something we work for together. I am responsible for maintaining the highest standards of attendance, punctuality, uniform and behaviour. If a pupil needs extra support in any area of school life, it is my job to make sure it is provided. I moved to Manchester in 1992, to study a degree in Politics and Modern History and I have lived here ever since. I love our city, its proud identity and rich and diverse culture but I also know that life here can be challenging and tough. As a parent and member of the local community, I know how important it is to you, to find a school which really cares about your child. I promise that at CHS South, you have found such a school!

Corinna Iredale

Curriculum Leader for English

I joined Chorlton High School as an Assistant Curriculum Leader of English in 2015, having also held this post at my previous school. My experience enhanced the department further where I was integral in transforming the curriculum, most notably at KS3, as well as supporting and equipping the department and students who were transitioning to exam only English GCSEs. I have worked closely with our feeder Primary Schools to develop a deeper understanding of the demands of KS2. I have implemented changes into the KS3 curriculum by ensuring the English diet at Chorlton High School is a challenging, rigorous and meaningful one which will continue to develop skills needed at KS4. By fostering vital relationships with my KS2 colleagues, I have actively ensured the English Department at Chorlton High have had a thorough experience of the KS2 curriculum and continue to raise attainment and standards in KS3. I have also led on revitalising literacy within the English department by developing the CHS Reading Strategy programme, which gives students a tool kit of practical strategies to actively use when reading a variety of texts to deepen learning and improve outcomes for all. Prior to teaching in England, I taught abroad in South Korea where I co-ordinated and delivered an ESL curriculum to a variety of age groups in an English Town setting. My passion for travel has been fuelled by my involvement with the international charity CISV, where I have worked abroad in delivering intercultural educational experiences.

Carl Knipe

Curriculum Leader for Science

I have worked at Chorlton High School for over 10 years and have played a key role in the development of both the Science curriculum and engagement in Science as a future career. I am currently working as an Assistant Curriculum Leader of Science and have been an integral part of the Department’s amazing success. In my current role, I have led on a variety of projects within the department including collaborations with the Ogden trust (a physics partnership aimed at improving participation in physics). For many years I developed, led and accredited BTEC Science and more recently, have developed the KS3 and KS4 curriculum so that all the pupils receive a rich, exciting and stimulating curriculum that engages curiosity in the natural world. I have successfully completed a two-year leadership programme accredited by the National college for schools and Arc and am currently facilitating the development of non-specialist physics teachers through a TSST programme which I run, in collaboration with the Maths department at Chorlton High School. My latest development project is the creation of a YouTube channel which demonstrates my innovation, motivation and ongoing passion for Science!

Vanessa Wahed

Curriculum Leader for Maths

I joined Chorlton High School in 2010 and have played a pivotal role in the development of Maths, currently working as Assistant Curriculum Leader of Maths and having also covered the maternity leave of the Curriculum Leader for Maths. Prior to that I worked as an Achievement Co-ordinator, developing and evaluating key strategies for improving outcomes for disadvantaged students. In my current role, I have led on a variety of projects with the Maths Department including the introduction of the Singapore Maths curriculum for the Year 7 cohort. I have led on Departmental training sessions to help transform the quality teaching and learning at Chorlton High School, through embedding a mastery approach, of which I am a strong advocate. I am working closely with the North West Maths hub and other schools across the city to develop the pedagogical approaches which support mastery and I have recently been accepted onto a course to become a secondary Mastery Specialist for the North West. As a local mum of two myself, I am delighted at the opportunity to help develop the educational provision on offer locally to make our successful model readily available to more children within the community.

Heera Singh

Curriculum Leader of Physical Education

I am very proud to undertake the role of Curriculum Leader of Physical Education at CHS South. I am really excited to provide an outstanding sporting provision for our students and I will endeavour to create an inclusive curriculum that promotes resilience, competition and team work. Having received an outstanding educational experience as a student of Oakwood and Chorlton High School, I will fully embrace the opportunity to give back to the community of South Manchester. I completed my degree in Applied Sports Science at The University of Salford, achieving a First Class Honours, specialising in strength and conditioning. In 2010, I completed an internship in strength and conditioning at Manchester City Football Academy, where I worked very closely on the physical development of elite athletes. I then went on to complete my PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University, graduating with a Distinction; I worked at Wilmslow High and Salford City Academy during my training years. In 2012, I was employed by The East ManchesterAcademy; a new start up Academy in the heart of Manchester’s regeneration area of Beswick. I made rapid progress in my six years at The East Manchester Academy, holding successful positions in all areas of Education. In 2013, I was successfully appointed to develop and manage the SHINE Saturday School at the Academy. My role included developing the new innovative thematic curriculum for English and Maths, which was engaging and accessible to under-achieving students in Year 7. In 2014, I was successfully appointed as the Lead Professional for PE, where I developed and led the BTEC Sport qualification. In 2015 I was appointed as a House Leader, where I was responsible for the pastoral care of nine Tutor Groups. Finally in 2016, I was appointed as the Head of Physical Education. During my time in this post I led the team through the educational reform of exam specifications and the associated changes they brought about to our assessment regime. In addition, I added more depth to the curriculum, creating more opportunities for competition and to develop student leadership. The department continued its journey to become the highly acclaimed department it is today, consistently securing outstanding GCSE results and obtaining national awards through the Association of PE and School Games Awards. I am privileged to be part of the exciting opportunity to start a brand new school and to give the young people of South Manchester the best sporting experiences. I will use my experience to drive a strong sporting ethos across the School, ensuring that CHS South is the leading School for Sport and PE.

Hannah Sloan


I joined the staff at Chorlton High School after relocating to Manchester. I have enjoyed being a member of the English Department at Chorlton High School and being part of a vibrant, innovative and research-focussed school. My love of reading drives my passion for English and I enjoy teaching my subject and sharing this love for English in the classroom. I am passionate about education and learning, and strongly believe in the importance of fully equipping children with the various skills that they will need for a life during and after education.

Akeim Mundell, BEM

Pastoral Leader

Born & raised in South Manchester, I have been working in the community field for 11 years, working with a variety of organisations and sectors, creating and building valuable projects and fundraising for charities. I have founded my own online jobs company, which advertises vacancies, apprenticeships and further opportunities on a daily basis, with a total of 28,000 members and over 200 gaining employment within the last year; in connection to this I also organise regular job fairs and career days.  I organise and deliver an annual free community talent showcase called 'Manchester's Got Talent', which is all about providing a platform to give the people of Manchester a chance to showcase their talent and for individuals and families to attend the event at no cost.  I have also worked tirelessly to campaign about reducing crime and making the streets safe for the younger generation, visiting the Houses of Parliament and Spain as part of this.  I have since gained roles such as being appointed as an Ambassador on behalf of the Manchester City Council and as an Anti-Social Behaviour Champion & Community Guardian.  I have won a total of 12 national awards and due to my 11 years of commitment to the community work field, last year I was awarded a British Empire Medal from the Queen, which I collected from The Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. I have been working within the education field for 8 years now, teaching and supporting young people from 3-18 years old. I run a local youth club in which I mentor young people to remain positive and aim high; deliver PSHE sessions; and also provide young people with CV and interview technique workshops to prepare them for employment.  I have realised that young people require extra support to secure their health and well-being and due to this I decided to study and make personal, social and health education my focus; in July 2017 I graduated achieving a B.A. Honours Professional Development in Education PGCE14+.  I am passionate, always up for a challenge and am full of excitement to be starting my role as 'Pastoral Leader' at CHS South with the amazing newly formed team. I can assure you that I will support each student, and their families, in every possible way that I can.

Lisa Craig

Pastoral Leader

A south Manchester girl who started working with young people 20 years ago as a Scout Leader made me realise my vocation was helping to guide and help young people. I have worked in education for 19 years. I began my career as a Learning Mentor at a High School in Wythenshawe. After two years I wanted to gain a wider experience and Joined Piper Hill on a secondment. On my return to my role as a Learning mentor my role changed over the years. I was a Family support Worker/ Academic Mentor and  Head of Year. I have also had  a lot of personal life experiences that I feel I can help students and families with having been through some of the same difficulties myself. I joined CHS South in September 2020 as the pastoral Leader for year 8. I am excited to help guide our students to reach their full potential.

Ela Paton

Safeguarding Officer

I have worked in education as a teaching assistant for 15 years, I loved my role in primary school but was ready for a new adventure. I was excited to be joining a brand new school and being part of something unique. I joined CHS South in September 2018 as a teaching assistant and was fortunate to work across the classes supporting the needs of students. I then moved into the role of Pastoral leader and work alongside Mr Mundell. Learning a role is extremely exciting. It was my job to maintain CHS South's high expectations for attendance, punctuality, uniform and behaviour. I have now moved into the Safeguarding Team.




Michelle Jones - Office Manager

Callum Harrison - Admin Assistant

Terri Francis - Admin Assistant

Elliot Shaw - Data Manager



Akeim Mundell - Head of Year 10

Lisa Craig - Head of Year 9 

Patricia Jackson - Head of Year 8 

Olivia Sewell - Head of Year 7

Barney Maddon - Inclusion 




Sarah Penrose 

Ela Paton



Tina Ingram 

Deborah Lauder 




Amal Nadri - Science

Tyler Frankland - Performing and Visual Arts

Denise Smith - Technology 


Senior Leadership Team

David Prophet - Headteacher

Sue Burke - Deputy Headteacher

Laura Galbraith - Deputy Headteacher

Christian Harris - Deputy Headteacher

Emma McLaren - Deputy Headteacher

Ian Jameson - Assistant Headteacher

Paul Fearon - Assistant Headteacher



Corinna Iredale  (Curriculum Leader)

Rebecca Bennett ( Assistant Curriculum Leader )

Hannah Sloan (SENCO)

Josh Williams

Emily Hall 

Gemma Whone

Sophie Painter 

Edward Sagar



Vanessa Wahed (Curriculum Leader)

Luma Badri ( Assistant Curriculum Leader )

Amir Unia 

Elliot Tollast

Harrison Summerscale 

Zoe Corrigan 

Leanne Ashton-Smith



Carl Knipe (Curriculum Leader)

Edward O'Ranson ( Assistant Curriculum Leader )

Erin Roxborough ( Responsibility in Science)

Anza Khokhar

Heidi Brien 



Sophie Deegan (Curriculum Leader)

Beverley Murray



Gabby Harper



Georgia Brain



Caoimhe Crerand 

Rebecca Cooper



Heera Singh (Curriculum Leader)

Katie Smith

Charlotte Austin 

Paul Jones



Carol Anne O Carroll (Curriculum Leader)

Patrick Goodchild ( Assistant Curriculum Leader )

Bethany Aldridge 

Zara Daswani 

Ahed Musbahi


Modern Foreign Languages

Sarah Tomkow (Curriculum Leader)

Charlotte Holden 

Anthony Fitzpatrick

Elizabeth Smith



David Bennison (Curriculum Leader)

Emma Ward (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Jen Meanwell Trafford 

Hannah Hibberson Davies


Teaching Assistants

Onica Liburd - Lead T.A

Claire Martucci - Behaviour and Welfare

Enny Adeniyi

Ayse Gulcicek

Lexie Lee

Danielle Matthews

Melanie Stockhausen

Viktoria Vago

Bethany Hannon

Meriem El- Habchi

Harpreet Abdulla

Glynis Ablott

Cathy Dell


Cover Supervisors 

Jenny Lawlor

Jackie Sharratt

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