In Year 10 the focus shifts to developing a deeper understanding of the subjects that they have chosen to specialise in. Students will continue their study of the compulsory core subjects English, Maths and Science and compulsory foundation subjects such as Physical Education and RESPECT.


Alongside compulsory subjects' students will choose a number of subject areas to study and the additional concentrated time in these lessons will enable them to 'master' the subject and foster a deeper conceptual understanding. This will build powerful knowledge which ensures that all students are sufficiently challenged according to their starting points, and the key concepts needed for high-level success at Year 11 and beyond.


As students move into Year 10, they will move towards a qualification-based course. The overviews and guidance given in the options booklet are based on the most up to date materials from examination boards. However, it is important to point out that the information contained in the booklet may be subject to change; if this is the case we will inform you as more information is made available.


I wish all Year 9 students success this year and hope that they continue to aim for excellence in their learning journey through Year 10.


Mr. D. Prophet



KS4 Options Assembly


KS Options Booklet


KS4 Options Form


KS4 Options Information 2024


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