Please find below the recipe booklets for your child's Food Technology lessons. Inside them contain the ingredients for recipes that they will need to bring in, plus cooking/baking instructions.


We hope all students will look forward to practical lessons in food and nutrition. All recipes have been carefully chosen and costed.


Provision of ingredients:

Generally fresh ingredients, including a meat or meat alternatives need to be provided from home. Additional store cupboard ingredients are provided by school for a small voluntary fee. This can be made via Arbor by selecting 'Payments' and then the 'Nutrition Ingredients' option. Each time there is a practical lesson students must come to school with a named apron and container big enough to take their dish home in. Fresh ingredients must be dropped off to their food classroom as soon as they come in to school to be stored correctly.



If your child has any food allergies or intolerances it would be useful if you could let the food department know of any specific needs by emailing [email protected]


Alternative ingredients:

If your child has a specific diet or intolerance we would appreciate you providing your child with the appropriate replacement ingredients for the recipes we cook in school.



To contact the food and nutrition department please email – [email protected]

If you are unable to provide ingredients for your child please let us know and we can put support in place so every child can participate in practical lessons. We will need to know one week in advance to be able to organise ingredients.


Year 7 Recipe Booklet


Year 8 Recipe Booklet


Year 9 Recipe Booklet

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