Through CHS South's Transition Team, we will provide a wide range of supportive activities for our partner primary schools to help Year 6 students feel confident about their move to secondary school. During Key Stage 2, our specialist teachers will work alongside teachers in primary schools to provide many exciting projects. This means that most of the children at our partner primary schools will already know their teachers and will have experienced our school prior to beginning Year 7.

In the summer term of Year 6 our Transition Team will visit students in their primary schools, liaising with their teachers and introducing a group of Year 7 ‘buddies’ from our school who will support them. All Year 6 students will also be invited to attend an ‘Induction Day’ on Thursday 6th July 2023 where they can enjoy lessons, are introduced to some of their teachers and make new friends.

Parents/Carers will be invited for an ‘Induction Evening’ on Thursday 6th July 2023 to meet staff, to hear about how they can be involved with the school and to discuss any concerns about starting Secondary School.


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