When our new students arrive in Year 7 they will be placed in groups for registration, and then in groups for their lessons.  Students will be placed in mixed ability Tutor groups, which will meet at the start of each day for the Registration Period. This enables them to make friends across the Year Group, and to maintain positive friendship groups from Primary School. 

The Form Tutor will see students every morning and will be a consistent point of contact, taking responsibility for guiding their personal, social and academic welfare and maintaining communication with parents. Form Tutors develop a close relationship with their form members and will have the clearest overview of progress, guidance and academic achievement. Each Year Group will be led by a Head of Year who has overall responsibility for the well-being of students in their Year Group. Heads of Year will also be responsible for monitoring the progress of students and will work with Tutors to promote good attendance, positive behaviour and a vibrant community spirit.

In order to ensure a challenging, yet supportive learning environment for all our students, children are placed in teaching groups that reflect their ability and allow teachers to meet individual student’s needs.  Initial groupings will be based on information from Primary School teacher assessment together with KS2 scores. 

Groupings are regularly reassessed to ensure students’ progression. They can easily move up or down to teaching sets where they can best be challenged and supported to achieve their target grades. Curriculum Leaders are likely to review groupings at least once every term, although some Curriculum Areas may reassess groups every half term. Changes to student groupings will be informed by class work, teacher assessments, home learning and, where applicable, progress tests. 

The ethos of CHS South is central to developing and maintaining high standards of academic achievement and also in nurturing positive, respectful and responsible future citizens. Good behaviour and achievement will be recognised through our comprehensive rewards system and students will be encouraged to be role models for each other and respectful community citizens. A culture of respect will be actively promoted throughout the school. Our anti bullying policy establishes the right for every child to feel safe and self-assured; making it clear that any behaviour deliberately causing upset will not be tolerated. It promotes mutual respect between students which encourages confidence in talking openly. 

We will actively promote the co-operative values of respect, responsibility, leadership, community awareness and self-confidence, alongside actively teaching our nine Qualities of Success, to help our young people grow to be mature, well-rounded and resilient citizens. We are also committed to preparing young people to be healthy, responsible citizens of the future. Our PSHE curriculum will be central to the development of these personal skills and will raise students’ awareness of many global, local and personal issues; equipping them with some of the tools that they will need in later life.

Our students will play a major part in developing and shaping our school. The representatives of our student council will directly influence school improvements and meet regularly to discuss issues and priorities and to make a contribution to the school, Trust and wider community.

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