3 September 2021

Dear all,


We have opened our building today for the first time to our new Year 7 students and we could not be more proud of the way they have conducted themselves!  We cannot wait to welcome Years 8-10 as outlined in my previous communication or on our website www.chssouth.org.uk/news/ ; we're sure they'll match the creativity, happiness & success demonstrated today. 


We are aware that national supply chain difficulties have meant that some families have not been able to buy all their items of school uniform. We ask that all pupils attend school wearing as much uniform as possible; in particular we expect to see all students in correct footwear and appropriately equipped for their day as outlined on our website www.chssouth.org.uk/parents/uniform. The school has a small amount of uniform to lend and we will do what we can to get everyone dressed  as  smartly as possible. If families have items of of uniform that they no longer need, we are very grateful for donations. These can be dropped at reception.


We do not have any capacity for parents to park on site during pick up and drop off times in our new building. At these times the drop off circle can be used if absolutely necessary, but it will get extremely busy if lots of families use it and you may find yourself blocked in the car park for some time. It's our ambition that our pupils travel independently to Secondary school where possible and access the site by foot, bike or public transport.  If you are awaiting your child in your car at the end of the day and do not enter the drop off circle, please respect our new neighbours and the road restrictions in place and park safely in an appropriate area that your child can walk to.  


Yours sincerely, 


David Prophet


CHS South

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