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Student Assembly 08/06/20 - Extra Activities

Recognising Our Champions!

We'd also love you to keep us up to date with your learning at home by sharing any pieces of work or projects you're especially proud of via the accounts above or by sending pictures of them to [email protected] so we can celebrate your efforts and recognise our Champions!  We will also set you regular projects and challenges to achieve your virtual Foundation Badges!

Cryptography Work

Well done to Reuel & Rosa for their fantastic Cryptography work!


Well done to Phoebe for sharing these messages of support to the older people in her street - what an outstanding citizen!

Zoo Designs

Cooking Challenges!

Well done everyone for these delicious looking treats. We hope you and your family enjoyed them!

Loo Roll Challenge

Well done to Thomas for sending us the first entry for the loo roll challenge!  He has done a fabulous recreation of four of the South Park characters.

Loo Roll Challenge

For more information on this challenge click here.

You could also try the football loo challenge explained here.

Space Project

Well done Reuel for this fantastic creation for the Space Science Project!

Bedrock Champions

 Well done to our first set of Bedrock Champions! Mr Williams and all of the staff are immensely proud of you.



BBC Sounds

Click the link below to listen to the current BBC Sounds Podcasts keeping you up to date with current affairs. 


Advice on well-being

It is important that young people are able to stay active and that they are taking care of their mental health; we will assign tasks and advice to Doddle to support this. There is also an area on the school website that highlights well-being activities; see the link below.  Here you can find resources for keeping both physically and mentally active.  You can also stay active with the CHS South PE Team by watching the videos below & using them to maintain a healthy lifestyle!



Stay Active!

This Girl Can

This Girl Can is all about celebrating women getting active, no matter how they like to do it.  Partnering with Disney and real families across England, they have captured some of the ways people are moving at home to the songs they love.  You can learn their moves or put your own spin on their routines.  At the end of the day, it’s about breaking a sweat while having a bit of fun. Alternatively, create your own gym and workout at home using items from around the house. For more information see the links below.

Disney workouts

Home exercise


Teen Breathe

Teen Breathe is a blog and magazine that believes well-being and mindfulness forms the basis of a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. 

From social media to sport and making friends to making flowers, we’ll have tips, exercises and ideas to help you explore how paying attention to everything you do, being curious and staying positive can bring out the very best of You – a person who’s comfortable and proud in their own skin, is open to ideas and follows their dreams.

Click on the link below to read their blog on positive coping strategies:


Digital safety

Distance learning will require more screen and internet time for students. It is very important that students are safe and responsible online. Please see the school website for any digital safety advice using the following link below:


Be Safe: Advice & Guidance for CHS South families


Free school meal advice

Many of our students are entitled to a free school meal.  Our catering teams can produce a weekly ‘food parcel’ for children’s lunches. This will mean that instead of coming to school on a daily basis to pick up their lunch the parcels can be collected from Chorlton High School reception at between 12pm and 1pm each Friday.


SEND Support for Parents

Please find below additional support advice and  extra pieces of work that can be done at home with students with Special Educational Needs including some mindfulness links. We appreciate that not all these ideas will work for everyone, but hopefully you will find some that will work for you. They are not exclusive and lots of these techniques can be used for different needs.


Strengthening Our Community!

We want to keep in touch as much as possible during your time away from school!  We will post a weekly video message for students here and will keep updating these pages of the website.  We will also post messages and updates via our social media accounts on Twitter @southchsInstagram southchs & Vimeo.  If you need to get in touch with us you can email [email protected] or if you need to speak to someone urgently you can call Chorlton High School reception on 0161 882 1150 during school hours.

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